Heirloom Restoration & Preservation: Bring History Back To Life

Restored Cyclopes Scooter and Trike

Family heirlooms, antique pieces and all manner of historical furniture, toys, cars, scooters, motorbikes, statues and memorabilia not only look great and make for interesting centrepieces, they also often hold great sentimental value and treasured memories.

At Bundaberg Sandblasting we often get clients coming in who are not sure if it is worth restoring that old 1950’s cast iron outdoor setting or treasured family heirloom back to it’s original glory.

Our answer…

Can you get something like this anywhere else today, and will the quality be anywhere near as good if you go out and try to replace it with something new?

The answer is often “No” and the quality and sentimental value of a restored item always makes the investment worth it.

Because after 18 years of restoring and preserving all types of metal and timber items we have found the old saying… “They don’t make them like they used to” to generally ring true.

But to bring your vintage and collectable pieces back to their original state requires great care and skill.

At Bundaberg Sandblasting restoration and preservation is more than just work, it is a passion, and breathing new life into old items then seeing the faces of our clients when they see the finished product is one of the great joys of our profession.

The Restoration Process

We receive restoration projects of all types. Some of the most popular items we are asked to restore include:

  • Vintage tricycles, bicycles and pedal cars
  • Brass ship lights
  • Cars, scooters and motorbikes
  • Old fuel containers and other vintage metal pieces
  • Model railway scales and collectable toys
  • Cast Iron table and chairs and other vintage furniture
  • Statues and family heirlooms
  • Singer sewing machine stands, and much more

Each project requires proper planning and care to ensure the final product looks and functions just as it did the day it was made.

This starts with disassembling the item back to its raw parts. We then strip and clean every part, removing all dirt and old paint using the state of the art PBM Dry Strip method. This is a damage free stripping method.

For brass items we use a special Vaqua Blasting technique that is gentler and effectively cleans without removing any of underlying metal or substrate of softer metals.

Once the item is stripped back and thoroughly cleaned we then colour match the new paint to the original colours that would have been used during production. Of course you can choose any colour you like if you have some creative ideas.

Once the parts are stripped cleaned, repaired and painted we then reassemble the finished item.

To get the very best finish requires strict attention to detail and care through all steps of the restoration process and ensuring we use the right techniques and materials for the job.

If you have a family heirloom, old furniture set or any type of vintage or sentimental object that you’d love to restore please give us a call on 07 4153 6089contact us using our enquiry form or visit us at our office.

We’ll be able to give you an upfront quote and we will care of your item as much as you do.