Protective Coatings

Protective coatings improve the visual standards, protects from the elements and maintains the value of your asset.

A range of products are used to protect your equipment. This protection improves the look and the utility of the equipment. Working alongside of many coating manufacturers, selection of coatings is critical, so we can then offer warranty helping to maintain the integrity of equipment in the toughest of environments. With many years of experience, we can provide the correct selection of Coatings for your asset.

Highest standard in painting, protective coating application and surfacing

We provide a high standard of painting, protective coating application and surfacing, employing the latest in technological advances in products, fully trained staff, so we can ensure the best protection and visual standard of your asset.

We apply suitable products and the best method of application applying ourselves to customer specifications by adhering to standards. Our highest standards of workmanship allow our customers to receive quality finishes they require. Whether it is a full structural asset, bus, earth-moving equipment, cattle float, yacht, tray body, trailer, antique, structural steel, tank, silo, chassis, outdoor furniture, locomotive, crane, tipper body, piping, motorbike, fence panels, wheels, shipping containers or practically anything you can think of, we can coat it to your requirement.

Spray On Flexible Protective Thermoplastic Coating

  • Automotive Ute Liner
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Military
  • Commercial
  • Flooring

The most common use for this product is as a ‘Ute Liner’, Cattle Crate Flooring, Hopper Lining and Flooring. We proudly use Elastomeric Fast-set Polyurea and Polyurethane heated spray on thermoplastics. Using state of the art and specialised plural component machinery, we can apply these products from 1mm to 25mm thickness. Environmental attack is not the only downfall of steel substrates but abrasion, chemical, sound and impact can be stopped using these new state of the art product.

Industrial Painting

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Marine structures
  • Automotive equipment
  • Household items
  • Commercial building projects
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial environments
  • Flooring solutions

Our qualifications in Industrial Painting and years of dedication to learning and training allow us to apply a complete range of coating systems, from basic single packs, to zincs, epoxies, polyurethanes and sophisticated elastomeric polyureas. We can apply to any specification supplied, chosen or required. These systems can provide barriers from impact, abrasion, chemical, corrosion and environmental attack. Staff are trained to Cert. 3 in Surface Refinishing.

Spray Painting

  • Conventional Airspray
  • Suction feed
  • Pressure feed
  • Electrostatic
  • Heated
  • Gravity Feed
  • Air Assisted Airless
  • Airless
  • Component Plural
  • Hopper type

Our entire application in-house is all weather undercover. Spray painting in our Industrial shop (30m x 30m x 8m), Truck Refinishing Booths (16m x 5m x9m x 3 off or 12m x 12m x 7m). Our site complies with EPA legislation.

Truck/ Machinery/ Automotive Refinishing

SUITABLE Applications
  •  Refurbish older/vintage vehicles
  • Rust Repair
  • Panel Repair
  • Fibreglass Repairs
  • Fabrication
  • Re-Branding
  • Modifications
  • Colour Changes / Upgrades
  • Strip and Rebuilds

Not limited to Truck Refinishing we can complete Cars, Utes, 4WD’, Chassis, Trailers, Tankers, Tipper bodies, Dozers, Excavators, Bobcats and all types of Machinery… Our knowledge is vast.

Powder Coating


Powder Coating has been a popular coating process since the 1960’s. It’s known for its quality finish, durability and a limitless range of colours. Powder Coating is a hard wearing product that suits a multitude of projects.

In 2017 we added Powder Coating to our long list of services we offer our customers providing a high quality product.

We can accommodate work on large or small projects and employ the most up to date equipment and experienced applicator.

Typical projects for powder coating can be either aluminium or steel including bullbars, tow bars, fencing, children’s playground equipment, outdoor settings or any kind of project designed by the customer. Powder Coating is quick turnaround process. We are happy to assist with advice for your next powder coating or protective coating solution.