Corrosion Consultant

We provide corrosion consulting

We follow
Australian Standards
  • AS 3894 – Site Testing of Protective Coatings
  • AS 1627 – Metal Finishing
  • AS 2312 – Protection of Structural Steel
  • AS 4361 – Lead Paint Management

As a corrosion consultant, we understand how corrosion happens and put into place methods to prevent further attack or remove completely. Part of our consultancy, we have a NACE Level 2 Inspector that performs Quality Assurance tasks in line with Specifications and Standards required. All data is recorded into reports according to ITP’s. These QA checks included collecting data from:

  • Daily Environmental Conditions
  • Surface Profile & Cleanliness
  • Holiday / Pinhole Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Surface Contamination (Salt/Chlorides)
  • Coating Thicknesses