Why Vapor Blasting Is More Effective Than Wet Blasting

For many years Wet Blasting (also known and Dustless Blasting) has been used as a way to control the dust generated from Abrasive Blasting.

But the now outdated Wet Blasting machines and techniques still used by many companies have a lot of critical drawbacks.

The term Wet Blasting simply means that a “wet ring” apparatus is secured to the end of the blast nozzle, with water flowing from the wet ring into the stream of air and abrasive.

But this gives the operator very little control over water flow and air pressure, causing many issues with the finished product.

Drawbacks of Standard Wet Blasting:

  • Leaves a surface that is drenched in water
  • Leaves a surface with a profile that abrasive sticks too
  • Leaves a slurry of wet abrasive behind
  • Rapid discolouring (“tea staining/flash rusting”) of wet steel surfaces
  • Impurities cause the onset of corrosion to begin before Protective Coatings can be applied
  • Operator vision through helmet almost nil due to water and slurry build up, resulting in less precise blasting and decreased productivity
  • Longer clean up times due to wet abrasive clinging to surface

There is also the major issue of unskilled operators adding an inhibitor solution to the water to decrease the “tea staining/flash rusting” issues we mentioned above. Generally this results in a thin film being left on the surface prior to Protective Coating application, especially if the concentration of inhibitor is incorrect.

This often decreases the life expectancy of coatings, caused by adhesion issues when the remaining film of inhibitor solution and the protective coating do not combine.

Also, with standard Wet Blasting, if the incorrect Protective Coating/Primer is then applied over a “tea stained/flash rusted” or damp surface, a definite failure will occur prematurely.

At Bundaberg Sandblasting we now offer a cutting edge blasting process called “Vapor Blasting” or “Mist Blasting”.

This unique process is much more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly, leaving you with the best quality surface finish every time.

Our cutting edge Vapor Blasting machines allow us to adjust air pressure from 30 PSI through to 140 PSI. Minimal abrasive is then added to this stream of air, to which water is then injected at 1800PSI.

By the time this makes impact the abrasive has a “vaporising” effect leaving you with the highest quality surface finish.

Another major benefit of Vapor Blasting is that it uses less than 3 litres of water per minute, which is a huge water saving when compared to “Wet/Dustless Blasting”, which consumes between 20-40 litres per minute.

Also the amount of Abrasive consumption for “Wet/Dustless Blasting” is approximately 300-500 kilograms per hour, which is not only wasteful but leaves a huge mess to clean up at the end of a long hard day. “Vapor Blasting” on the other had gives you much more control over abrasive consumption, which can be as little as 50 kilograms per hour.

This means less abrasive product impacting on the surface, and little mess and clean up at the end of the day.

More Benefits of Vapor Blasting:

  • No dampness on surface
  • No dust
  • No tea staining or flash rusting
  • Less mess and clean up
  • No inhibitor required
  • No clinging of abrasive to surface
  • Full control over blast pressure
  • Increased productivity
  • Injected high-pressure water adds to coating removal productivity
  • Excellent operator vision for more precise blasting
  • Ability to remove coatings and corrosion from thin metals (aluminium), timber and composite fibres
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Less environmental impact

At Bundaberg Sandblasting we have the very best “Vapor Blaster” machine that is unlike any other machine available, giving our clients premium results every time…

  • Can be used with Garnet, Bi-carbonate Soda, Crushed Glass, Glass Bead and Nut Shells for different removal process.
  • Has variable pressure control
  • Has variable water control
  • Has variable water injection pressure control
  • Has a switch arrangement to have water only inject from nozzle up to 3,000 PSI for wash down of surface
  • Does not mix water in the Blast Pot with Abrasive leaving Blast Pot dry and ease of change over to other abrasives

As you can see there are many reasons why you will enjoy a much better finished result with our cutting edge Vapor Blasting solutions.

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