Abrasive Stockist

High quality stocked abrasives

We use and stock Premium GMA Garnet, mined near Port Gregory in Western Australia. These dunes are owned and mined by GMA and contain some of the highest quality garnet available anywhere in the world.

GMA Garnet meets all environmental and safety requirements whilst delivering a clean surface, no salts and uniform profile. Using GMA Garnet allows us to maintain our quality assurance our customers rely on.

Surface preparation is key to any quality project.

Stocking the following

  • Garnet
  • 80 mesh and 30/60 mesh available in;
  • One tonne bulka bags
  • One tonne bulka bag of 40 x 25gk bags
  • Individual 25kg bags.

For up to date pricing please contact our office.

We can also supply Steel Grit, Glass Bead and Bicarbonate Soda, Containment Sheeting and Blast Tape available in 100mm and 48mm size.