Burnett Heads Redevelopment

Our involvement in the Burnett Heads Streetscape Redevelopment
was the wave patterned crossing in the centre of town. The process we used to complete this look was Vapor Blasting, our machine allows us to adjust air pressure from 30 PSI through to 140 PSI. Minimal abrasive is then added to this stream of air, to which water is then injected at 1800PSI. By the time this makes impact the abrasive has a “vaporising” effect leaving you with the highest quality surface finish.

The wave pattern was achieved by using a customised steel stencil with the design supplied by the customer. This particular finish in the concrete is a forever finish and an effective form of durable artwork.

Before we started it was imperative the stencil was correct, the stencil was designed and laser cut out along with our own boilermaker fabricating up a frame to move the stencil in one movement.

This project has recently received a commendation in the Best Planning Ideas – Small Project Category by the Planning Institute of Australia. PIA said the project was a fantastic example of a project that delivered a benefit to a local neighbourhood. “The judges were particularly impressed with the demonstration that smart cities technology can be applied in regional contexts which shows how scalable and transferable this project is and that projects don’t have to be flashy, but just need to be inclusive.”

The project was completed by local contractors who can all be proud of their part in creating this great community functioning space.