PMB Dry Strip

In late 2014 Bundaberg Sandblasting installed a PMB Dry Strip System. PMB Dry Strip is an alternative to Garnet and Steel Grit. This method uses vinyl and acrylic granules which are harder than paint but softer than the base material. Using high volume, low pressure application, the media will cut, shear and lift paint without affecting the substrate. It’s non-corrosive, inert and safe for all metals as it does not generate heat.  We have a large dedicated arrangement with both cabinet and full size recycled drive in blastroom. Stainless steel, fiberglass, plastics, aluminium, moving parts and finally a process that will strip timber. PMB is recognised and used in the Military and Aeronautical Industries to remove paint or Powder Coat from any metallic or composite materials.

Suitable Applications

  • Automotive –Car bodies, bumpers, Aluminium casings, Powder Coated Bullbars, wheels
  • Aircrafts Bodies – Wings, mainframe, mechanical components
  • Timber
  • Mining – Components of all kinds
  • Industrial-
  • Marine – Fibreglass Boats, Aluminium motor housings
  • Agricultural
  • Military
  • Commercial – Removing paint from shop fronts, cleaning heritage sandstone or brick buildings
  • Flooring